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Welcome to Bolgart Metal Art and Smokers

Custom made in the Wheatbelt of WA

About Bolgart Metal Art and Smokers

Don't be afraid to go left when everyone else is going right....

We provide you with the opportunity to create unique personalized pieces of art, signage, fire pits and smokers.  The 1 metre cubed Bolgart Meat Safe mounted on a trailer is the perfect example of doing things a bit differently.  This smoker not only bangs out the best roast pork you've ever had but doubles up as a smoking hot pizza oven.  Perfect for sports groups and businesses, we even take this baby camping.   Check out our insta page for those individually created farm gate signs, the massive FUNK cider sign and a heap of fun pieces to make you smile.

Contact us now to buy your Bolgart Meat Safe using ZIP Money or ZIP Pay.

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Condimento BBQ Meat Rub Seasoning

Large 450g jar. Ingredients salt, pepper, garlic and onion.  A staple condiment for all types of cook ups - roasts, smoked, char grilled, barbeque or sous vide.


Bolgart Meat Safe

Choose from the stand alone or table top versions. Custom face plates to make it your own.


Signs and Metal Art

Novelty or business sign designs.  Garden art and gifts. Email us your ideas.


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