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Condimento 5 pack

Condimento 5 pack

Way back in 1519, the Spanish conquored the Aztec Empire for their meat seasoning recipe, a special condiment used by men to barbeque their hard fought hunting spoils. We now present you with their secret blend that has been passed down through the generations closely guarded by meat lovers. Not recommended for vegetarians or vegans. It's a man thing.



BBQ - salt, pepper, garlic, onion

Chilli - salt, pepper, garlic, chilli (60,000 SHU)

Lamb - salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary

Chicken - salt, pepper, garlic, sweet paprika

Seafood - salt, pepper, garlic, lemon peel


  • Samples and bulk discounts

    We are a small regional business looking to diversify our income base. 


    At this stage our business model does not allow for free samples or discounts because we produce short run batches meaning that we pay full price for jars, labels and product.   At 450g we believe that you are getting good value for money compared to other seasoning products. 


    Thank you for your support, it is through increased sales and market presence that we will be able to achieve the scale of production needed to offer the samples and discounts that you're seeking. 


    Condimento - its a man thing.

GST Included
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