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Condimento and Recipes

Take your cook to the next level



BBQ Meat Rub Seasoning

Way back in 1519, the Spanish conquered the Aztec Empire for their meat seasoning recipe, a special condiment used by men to barbeque their hard fought hunting spoils. We now present you with their secret blend that has been passed down through the generations closely guarded by meat meat lovers. Not recommended for vegetarians or vegans. It's a man thing.

Char grilled hamburgers

Flavour like no other

Mix one part pork mince to two parts of beef hamburger mince, choose the high fat content option to get those delicious drips onto the charcoal. Add some bacon bits and grated cheese to the meat and of course a good shake of the Condimento BBQ meat rub seasoning. Shape up into patties and cook over the charcoal.  See our smoker pictures for hamburgers being cooked.

aus day bbq.jpg


Chops and sausages

A favourite of farm and city folk alike, the good old lamb chop and sausage on the barbeque is well suited to the Condimento BBQ meat rub.  Apply to meat before cooking and enjoy the garlic, onion and pepper aromas.

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